I am a teacher who has been totally in love with blogging for a long time. It has only been recent that I've started my own blog that separates me from my classroom.  I love the idea of collaborating with others from all over the world!

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I'm a mom, wife, and teacher...need I say more? Do I even have enough hours in the day?

Technology is in my blood! I remember growing up with computers and my dad letting me put the GIGANTIC floppy disk (that seemed the size of a sheet of notebook paper) into the computer. I have to give credit to my dad for fostering the creative side of me when it comes to technology and design. I've been hooked on technology ever since.

I've been creating my own products from the beginning of my teaching career (which is 14 years strong). It always bugged me that we are given all these resources that are purchased ($$$$$) and they don't really meet the needs of the students. I've also been very blessed to be at an awesome school where teachers collaborate and share.  So I owe a lot to those I work with for who I am as a teacher. :)

I am a self proclaimed Blog Addict and Technology Geek....I'm known as the "Queen" of finding ideas for just about anything I need to teach. If I can't find it, I'll make it. :) In fact I just started playing around with making my own clipart!

My experience over the years has been in 3rd, 4th, 5th grade, and the Early Intervention Program. So many of my blog posts will lean towards those grades and interests.

My goal for this blog is to INSPIRE teachers by giving them PRACTICAL ideas to reach their students. I'm as busy as the next person so I have to maximize my time and minimize the extra junk!

I hope you enjoy your journey on my blog. :)


  1. You have a beautiful family. I also remember those real "floppy" discs. I saw you had purchased one of my products; my Ancient Greece unit. I too hated what I had available and my team asked me to design something more "fun" and appealing. I believe we are both participating in TBTS and have conversed on TBTS facebook. It's nice to get to know fellow blogging teachers. Shoot me a facebook message if you'd like to link up with something or guest blog sometime.
    -Susan Hardin
    3rd Grade Grapevine
    Susan's Pinterest
    My Facebook page

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