Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Self Reflections

If any of you have read my recent posts, I mentioned that I was changing teaching positions for the upcoming year. Recently I taught 3rd grade (and LOVED it!), but an opportunity came up to teach in our Gifted program and learn from an amazing friend in the process.  The crazy thing is that I will also be part time EIP.  Saying those last two sentences probably already confuses you (and me) as to how my schedule will work. I'm not quite sure about that either. I do know that I will have one Gifted class on a full day and then the other four days I will be split between EIP and Talent Development (enrichment for unidentified gifted students).  Sooooo.....I am going to start blogging every Saturday about my journey with my new jobs. Really, I need an outlet and this is one way I can reflect and hopefully hear from some of you as well.

I start my Gifted endorsement classes on Monday. Yes...this coming Monday. Yikes! My summer is officially over at that point because these classes are for 2 weeks and then right after that my preplanning begins. I'm sad my summer is over, but I am excited to learn something new. Let's be honest....I can't wait to also meet some other teachers too. I love making new friends!! My journey to get this endorsement isn't over when the summer is over. It lasts until next summer (June). Once school begins, I have class every other Thursday night. It kind of reminds me of when I was getting my Masters Degree. I'll be in the mix of teaching gifted and getting gifted certified. Is this more money you ask? I wish it were! It'll look great on my teaching certificate though.

I've had many people ask me why in the world I would leave the comforts of a regular classroom job for the unknown.....for a job that is always up in the air because you have to maintain the numbers to keep it. Well, for a long time I've felt like there was just more out there for me to do and to learn. Will I keep this position the next year? I don't know. Do I want to? Of course I do! Sometimes we just have to step out of our box and take a risk! The past few years I've felt like I needed something different. I LOVE a challenge. So when I post of picture of me pulling out my hair  you can remind me of that statement.

I am one of a thousand questions when it comes to new things. Don't worry...I won't bore you with all 1,000 of them. It's the unknown that goes through my head.

*What will my schedule look like?
*How will I be able to switch my brain from Gifted to EIP in the same day?
*What grades will I be working with for EIP and Talent?
*Will I be pushing into the classroom or pulling small groups?
*How well will I juggle taking classes and teaching classes?
*How do I organize my classroom for both positions?
*How will I make sure I don't sacrifice too much family time while learning so many new things?

With all of that being said, I'll be letting you all in on my journey...the good, the bad, and the ugly. :) Hopefully there will only be good right?


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