Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Funny Beach Stories


I can smell the ocean air!!

It's the one place I dream about going every summer when school gets out. Yep...the beach. We've gone to many different beaches over the years and we've fallen in love with Destin, Florida. It is by far the most beautiful beach (and cleanest) that we've been to. Soon my toes will be in the sand, and I'll be making family memories to cherish forever.

My husband just doesn't understand my extreme anticipation of going to the beach. In fact he laughs because I literally will start a new count down as soon as vacation is over. I just love it. It's the fact that you can just be somewhere else, relax, and not have a care in the world. The only thing I can compare it to for him is maybe his hunting trips.

Now I've passed on this obsession to my kids. I love it! In fact, this year they are more excited than ever. One of my favorite parts about vacation is the food. I budget all year so that I don't have to cook. I just want someone else to cook and clean it up for a change. So we usually eat out all but a couple of nights. I know....it's expensive, but I save for it all year so it doesn't bother me. It's the one time of year I splurge.

I treasure all of these vacations because we go with my in-laws. I know most would think..."What?" I absolutely adore them. We are super close and to see all the memories they make with the kids is something so special. We actually all stay in the same condo...a 3 bedroom.

My family has a great sense of humor and there's a lot of laughter going on in this place. Well, except for last year when my mother -n- law broke her toe when she hit it on the sliding glass door on Day 1. Ouch! Okay...we laughed about that too. I decided to come up with a list of our Day 1 memories...enjoy.

Day 1 Vacation Top Funny/Crazy Memories:
*Husband didn't put suntan lotion on his feet so they burned so bad he couldn't wear shoes...Ummm I told him so...
*My son, when he was 2, had to be taken to the ER b/c he had a hernia...
*Mother -n- Law breaks her toe on sliding glass door.
*Husband gets a HUGE splinter and has to have it surgically taken out.
*I had to go to the Urgent Care to get 2 shots of steroids due to poison ivy all over my chest.
*Youngest daughter, when she was younger than 1 decided to poop in the pool. Pool had to be cleaned and no one could use it for 2 days. Yes...we hid in our condo!
*Crazy storm blew our tent on the beach into the ocean and my mother -n- law and I decided it would be smart to try and save it. Two sweet gentlemen saw how dumb that was and helped us so we didn't get hit by lightening. Hey..it was expensive right?

I could go on...Every year it's something so we just wait to see what will be funny this year.

One thing is for sure. If you can't have fun and laugh even when things go wrong, life will get boring. Do you have anything funny that's happened on your vacations to share? I'd love to hear them.


  1. That's funny! But it sounds also painful...

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