Saturday, May 04, 2013

The Best iPad Apps

Happy birthday to me! My husband and my parents gave me the best gift ever, the new iPad mini. They may regret it now as I've been on it constantly trying to find the best apps out there I can use in my classroom. I've googled and searched all over the internet for some apps that my students can use and also apps I can use that would improve either classroom management and/or instruction.

Here are a few of the apps I've already downloaded. Some are free while others are paid but totally worth it. In fact, after showing my students these apps and letting them play around many went home and downloaded the same ones. I had parents telling me their kids were so excited when they came home and couldn't wait to get their hands on these apps. As I add more apps and find more I will post them for you. :)

 My Favorite Apps (so far)
Squeebles Times Tables is by far one of my favorite apps. Students work through the times tables and earn trophies, squeebles, and more. It keeps up with the facts they don't know and adds it to the "Tricky Tables" to practice again. This one is $0.99 and totally worth every penny. There are lots of other Squeebles apps for fractions, division, addition, subtraction, and more.

My next favorite app is Monster Physics. This is a FREE app that lets your students play with physics as they build and create cars, cranes, rocket ships, and more. There are missions and you can use over 68 different parts and materials to create and operation your invention. When the invention fails, you learn to modify and use different parts. There are tutorials that teach all aspects of physics in a kid friendly way, and it is awesome! My son is addicted to it.

For spelling I love Spelling Teacher the Free Edition! There are not only premade lists by grade level, but you can also customize your own lists. The practice activities are fun and interactive. I love the fact that it says the word aloud for the student and gives the option of a sentence. This app corrects their tests and has the ability to email their results. There is a full edition of this app as well, but for now I love the FREE one.

I also love, love, love the FREE app Too Noisy. This is great for classroom management! I can project it onto my Smartboard and watch the kids monitor themselves by watching the meter go back and forth. The cool thing about it is that you can adjust the sensitivity level. If your kids are way too noisy the smiley face will put his fingers in his ears. Yes... you'll have at least one student that will try to make that happen just because. I have to admit, I even used it in my car with my own 3 kids...LOL! It worked. :)


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