Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mental Math Madness

Mental Math Anyone?

Okay, I admit that when I hear the phrase "Mental Math" I automatically think that kids will have a hard time with it. Our county is really pushing that we do this with our kids each day. They even gave us a few examples. So, what does a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher do? I tried one. My kids did awesome! Okay....they did pretty poorly. I knew right then I had to back up and teach some strategies and vocabulary that would help them.

First of all words like "double it" and "half it" was stumping them. I was shocked. I thought that since we have been multiplying and dividing they would understand what that meant. I guess because this concept showed up in a new format and with new words they were confused. Now they are good to go on that.

Before even doing multiple step mental math problems, I had to back up and have them practice what makes combinations of ten, doubles, doubles plus one, and doubles minus one. Once they had a better grasp of that I then began to slowly introduce multiple step problems that involved the four operations. They can't get enough of it and they BEG for it. I'm not kidding.

You all get to have a sneak peek at something I am working on that will be turned into a game and probably much larger resource. I'd love you to weigh in on if this is something you would use and what you think about it. I have a grade level in mind but don't want to put that yet. I'd love for you all to let me know what grade you think is appropriate for this particular page of practice. Enjoy the free download and don't forget to leave a comment. This will help me as I put together an awesome resource for you all!



  1. This is one of my all time favorite activities to do while waiting in line. It keeps the kids calm and quiet and sneaks in mental math practice! Good job!
    Kickin' It With Class

  2. I would love something like this!! I spent a lot of time googling at the beginning of the year to find some already made-up mental math problems. I look forward to your finished product. I would say that the green set wold work from 2nd grade and the yessow set from 3rd!

  3. I love this!!! A co-worker and I where just talking about how kids need more mental math opportunities. I would love to see you do it for third grade.

  4. Do you have a program that you follow, or just make up mental math problems for your class? I really like your ideas and problems.

  5. Do you have a program that you follow, or just make up mental math problems for your class? I really like your ideas and problems.

  6. Thanks, love it. Green from grade 1 and yellow from grade 3.

  7. Pam,

    Thanks, I love this idea!! I am your newest follower.

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