Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Organization Madness

Organization Within A Co-Taught Classroom

Organization and documentation seem to be my worst enemies. Finding the time to get it all together and not lose my mind is always a challenge. This time of year proves to be very exhausting with the amount of hours that go into starting the school year. I always forget how much time it takes to get all the "office work" organized. I have to admit I can be the worst about making sure everything has its place. I'm sure everyone else is perfectly organized right? Hmmmmmm.....

Have you ever cleaned up at the end of the year and found something stuffed inside the wrong folder or even in a teacher resource book and it had nothing to do with where it was "stuffed"? I'm the queen of saying, "Oh...that's where that went. Why in the world did I put it there?" So, I am trying my best this year to make sure every paper, every resource, and every piece of documentation has a home.

One way I am trying to work smarter and not harder is in the way I keep up with documentation for my students who have IEPs. I created a SILVER GLITTER binder with a plastic divider pocket for each of those students. I wanted the binder to be something that I couldn't lose...thus the silver glitter! Behind each child's tab I've placed a copy of their IEP and any and all of their beginning of the year assessments. I then took all of their IEP objectives and "shortened" them and printed multiple copies of them on small labels. I keep their objective labels in their pocket. When I see a piece of their work that meets one of their goals or objectives I will find that objective label and stick it on their paper and place in the pocket. I am hoping it will make it easier when it is report card time and also a bit easier for documenting their progress on their IEP which also goes home with the report card.  So far so good. Although I am not the special education teacher, I want to be a part of the process.

My other students have the typical file folder that I keep assessments in.

How do you keep up with all of your "office work"?


  1. I am the other half of a co-taught classroom and one of my biggest challenges is paperwork. In fact, it is a well-known fact that I need a full-time secretary to keep all of my "stuff" organized. In the past, I have been able to just toss papers into a file folder in my cabinet and then (hopefully) pull them out when I needed them. Now, I'm in and out of 3 different classrooms all day long, so it's a little bit harder to keep track of all of the papers. I did start binders for each grade level, and like you have copies of IEP's in them. I LOVE the idea of the labels though, and plan to create them to add to my students' work samples. What a great idea!
    Adventures In Teaching

  2. Labels are a genius idea! Thanks!

  3. It's a crazy paper monster world out there. I'm all for trying to figure out anything to make it easier. :)

  4. I've learned that if I do not put it in its place right away I will never find it. It takes a second and is super annoying at the time, but I no longer spend hours after school or before a long break reorganizing. Also keep folders for each topic for each subject for each quarter. Crazy, I know.

    Always A Lesson


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