Friday, August 03, 2012

First Day Portraits

First Day Of School Portraits

I love the first week of school! As students come in the first day there is a bit of nervousness and excitement in the air. One thing I know is that most students love to talk about themselves (Don't we all?) and also draw. There's no better time to talk about their goals and dreams than the beginning of the year. Students love to dream about what they want to be when they grown up. Why not connect that to their work and study habits right now. It is a logical connection right? If they want to be a doctor, how to their work habits play into that? The common core is all about getting students college and career ready. It takes many years of developing those study skills and responsible behaviors.  So, I thought it would be fun for students to create two portraits that focus on the present and the future.

The first one is a portrait of what they look like now. Underneath they write two short responses: This year I can't wait to learn.... and This year my goal is to.....

The second portrait focuses on the year they graduate high school with two short responses. They fill in the year they will graduate at the top and illustrate themselves showing what they want to be. The responses are: To be college and career ready I need to...... and Work and study habits are important because....

I would definitely have a lot of discussion about the responses before they complete them. The age of student will change how detailed or general their response is. See below two examples. The first one is middle school student and the next one is from a elementary student. Both are different but great!

Middle School Student

 Elementary Student

You can find this lesson activity on my TpT store. :)
I hope this gives you an idea for Back To School!


  1. I love those! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us! :)
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  2. Awe...thank you! I'm glad you stopped by. :)

  3. These are GREAT! You should link up with Jodi over at Fun In First in her favorite-back-to-school post.

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  4. Thanks Barbara! I'll head on over and check it out. ;)

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