Thursday, July 05, 2012

To Do List.....

Summer Projects

The Never Ending "To Do List"

Have you ever just had the craziest summer? My goal was to be writing more on my blog but WOW the time just flies when you are doing home projects.  Sooo, although this isn't education related I thought I'd share what I've been doing wondering if you too can relate....

Okay...ever had the "List" of things to do around the house that keeps getting bigger and bigger because you put things off? I mean put things off for like 14 that's procrastinating huh! Well, we decided to try and sell our house so the "List" became a reality....

Last year we decided to redo the kitchen cabinets. We painted and glazed them to save money on replacing them...I loved it.  We used a product called Reclaim by Caromal Colours. It was the easiest paint I've ever used when painting cabinets or any kind of furniture! Our cabinets are from the early 1960's and had LOTS of varnish on them. I was able to paint with no priming or sanding...It's wonderful.  I just painted my bathroom cabinets with the same product.  I honestly wouldn't use any other product. I guess I just gave them a testimonial. Ha!

Of course...ignore the lovely gold faucet...that's about to go!!! What was I thinking when we put that in? We had lovely (sarcasm) panel walls when we bought the house.  I'm sure they have about 5 coats of paint on them by now..ha! To make it look more up do date, my husband covered the bottom and put up a nice chair rail. I'm so thankful to have a husband who can do those things!!!

 It's only taken one year later to redo the kitchen floor and walls to update the whole look.  Now it is just the counter tops that need a bit of a redo but we may just have to let that go because of $$$$... It doesn't look too bad though.

Painting, painting, painting has been the name of the game now for about 3 weeks....with 3 kids...a side job....and a little less sanity now.  

We are a little closer to being done with it all.  The goal is to be done with all projects in the next couple of weeks since school it edging closer and closer to the start date at the beginning of August.

The moral of the story is....don't wait 14 years to get things done....


  1. Great blog, I'm your newest follower. Please check out my blog if you have time. Calling Plays in the 2nd grade.


  2. Love the work in the kitchen. Great job!
    I can relate to "The List" - seems like mine just keeps growing!
    Now you are on to painting... Eek! Good luck.

    Enjoy your summer and TRY and take a day off!


    I do, We Do, You Do!


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