Saturday, July 21, 2012

More Classroom Set Up Craziness Day 4

Classroom Set Up Day 4: Almost done....

I am feeling so good because my room is getting so close to being finished. I don't think I'll go back until my preplanning requires me to. I'm in good shape! Here are just a few more pictures to enjoy of some before and after of my different spaces. I try my best to be organized but let's admit it, that happens mostly at the beginning of the year right? Just kidding.

This is what I had to start with. Evidently I was ready to get out of dodge and just shoved it all in. We have to clear all bookshelves so this was my best option.

(Before) This is the bookshelf in the back of my room. I put anything I think I'll need to use for planning on this shelf.

Yay! I've got all my resources organized on my back bookshelf. It's hard to see but I have labels that say different subjects to organize my resources to make them an easy find.

These plastic organizers on top of my microwave are for copies. They are labeled with different subjects so that when I make any copies or have any resources I know I need to teach those subjects I store them in those organizers. My subjects are: Morning Work, Science/Social Studies, Math, & Language Arts.  This is great because I can just grab what I need easily and get it ready for the next day to use.

I love this way of organizing too. This is for the students. I labeled them to make it easy for the kids to find what they need or turn in what they need to give me.

My bulletin board area is almost done. I've got my table set up for Word Work activities. The plastic organizer drawers are still a work in progress. I think I will make each one a different math topic to go along with Common Core such as Number Sense, Multiplication/Division....and so on. The green and blue plastic bins on top of them have some reading activities that can be used independently or one on one for strategy teaching.

I don't have very many whisper phones, but I figured out the easiest way to store them was to put a push pin on the bulletin board and just hang them on the pin. Easy as pie. I had my own kids try it out and it worked great. The pins don't fall out. I plan to get some more though.

All of what you see here are laminated stories and questions on file folders that cover a variety of reading skills such as context clues, compare/contrast, story elements, inferencing, and more.  Students can write on them with a skinny dry erase marker and check answers on the back. I might even pull these for a quick group lesson if I need to. A sweet friend of mine gave me these when she left to be a missionary in Africa. Thanks Betty!

I made new clinic passes this year with an Owl Theme. They are laminated so that all I have to do is get my skinny dry erase marker and check the reason they are going to the clinic and write their name. There is a spot for the clinic nurse to attach a sticky note with her comments back to me. Soooo simple right? These are included in one of my TpT products  Back To School Owl Themed Powerpoint and Classroom Decor.... 

I barely got started on organizing my class library, but you can see what I've done so far. Each basket is labeled with genres, authors, or series of books. Now I just need to get my books in there. Another day.......

Thanks for coming along on my classroom set up journey....I'm not quite done, but will definitely add more to this once school returns. I've got some great goodies coming your way. Don't miss out!


  1. Love the blog......Can't wait to get back and begin organizing my room! I was wondering if you bought your shelves recently and where you bought them? I'm looking into something like that for my classroom, but I don't want to spend too much.

  2. I bought them about 5 years ago from Staples. However, I know places like Big Lots sell them for a fair price, probably about $20 a piece. I invested in them because I knew it would be well worth it and last many years. I hope that helps. :)

  3. Your classroom has come so far! I pinned like three of your pictures. Thanks for sharing all your great organization ideas!! :)

    The Teaching Thief

  4. Your room is looking great. I wish I had thought to take some before and after pictures in my room because I had to move classrooms this year. Maybe it's not too late. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is the first year I've taken so many pictures. It's not too late...just take some after shots. :) I'm sure they'll look awesome!

  6. Have you heard of getting the Phonics Phones through the Candl Foundation? This is how I purchased mine for my class! They are much more affordable than the whisper phones and the sound is phenomenal!! Just an idea. :)

    Love your organizational ability! I am soooooooooo not organized and sooooooooooooo need to be! :)



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