Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Classroom Craziness Set Up Day 2

Classroom Set Up Day 2...

I was so excited to post pictures today. There's quite a few. I will go in order from the before and after of today's set up.  As promised earlier this morning, I am attaching a FREEBIE with it. I went in this morning with a mission..... I wanted to display all the things I just laminated with my knew laminator. I'm am totally addicted to this laminator. If you haven't bought one, you are totally missing out. Anyway, let's just get to the pictures. I will describe each one underneath to help you understand what my thinking was behind them. Look closely for your FREEBIE. :)

Of course, starting with a mess. God bless my daughter who took on this challenge!

These organizers held all those messy supplies and she decided to organize them for me.

This is the inside of my black supply cabinet with all of my neat and tidy supplies. Plastic trays help to organize the construction paper, card stock paper and my copy paper. She even labeled the drawers of the organizers.

This is a blank slate... I had a huge wall to cover and I wanted to make it something that the kids had ownership in.

I am implementing a new multiplication program this year that I tried towards the end of last year. It is called Multiplication In 7 Days. My parents loved it so I'll give it a go from the beginning this year. I didn't have time to put a title up yet. I left the letters at home. Arghhhhh.

Here is the book I based it on...

Download your own titles  for FREE! I included pics on the file for you too of my display. I explained everything in the free download. I used this book last year and loved it.  Feel free to browse my other Owl Theme Back To School products after downloading your FREEBIE. :)

This is my newest way of keeping track of who goes to the bathroom. A colleague of mine did this in her room and I loved it so I "borrowed" this awesome idea. These are plastic plates I bought and the dollar store. I hot glued them to the wall (Put tape on the back first.) Beside, you'll see a dry erase marker. I attached it to the wall with Velcro. When students leave the room they will sign their name on the plate and erase when they return. It works like a dream.

I made an Owl Theme Jobs board.  This is magnetic and placed on the side of my black supply cabinet. I'll put the student's name beside each one with magnets of course.

I think I may make this a magnetic word wall for science and/or social studies. I haven't decided yet.

I finally put up my Daily 5 and CAFE signs.  I bought a cute banner to go above the board. I was too lazy to get it laminated so I hot glued it anyway. See below....

I placed masking tape on the back of the banner and put little dabs of hot glue on the masking tape. I then stuck it to the wall. I've done this for years and it pulls of without damaging your display. This is great if you don't have time to laminate.

Here is my Daily 5 Board. I attached a cute little pink cup to the wall with a push pin and one of those big paper clips. I thought the students could take their Popsicle stick and put it in the pocket of the choice they make for the day.

Owl Themed Reading CAFE Titles. I grabbed this freebie from Mandy Gregory. Check it out and grab some for your room!

Last but not least...I placed my bookshelves under my white board. That's tomorrow. :)

I hope you gained some ideas today. See you tomorrow with more pictures and tips.


  1. Wow, your room is looking awesome. Part of me wants to close my eyes though....we don't start back until after Labor Day so this is sort of stressin' me out! LOL. I love your organization...what a great way to start the year, right!?!?

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. That looks like a great start. The beginning of each year is such an exciting time. I use the plates for my students to choose their lunch. They put a clothespin (has their name on it) on the number choice. The choices are written on a dry erase board I have hot glued below the plates. The menu is also taped by it. It is displayed on my closet door. The students take over this job. I don't have to do anything but print the menu. I've thought about shelves under the board too. You can never have too much storage.

  3. I love the plate idea and who knew tape and a glue gun was needed to hang things up.

  4. Your room is really coming along. I love the bathroom plate idea. So simple and creative. The sign-out sheet never works, but they LOVE dry erase. Awesome! I pinned it!

    The Teaching Thief

  5. I'm so jealous that you have started to set up your room! I can't get back into my room until a few days before school starts. My school is used during the summer and my room is storage right now!

    Teaching Special Kids

  6. I love the colors you are using...everything looks great. It is great that your daughter is helping you....mine still helps me and she is 30....... :-)
    Can't wait for the update tomorrow.

  7. I had to wipe away the drool when I saw that black cabinet of organized goodness! It is *almost* enough to make me want to get back into my room...nah. Whew! The moment passed! You sure are getting alot accomplished quickly! Looks fantastic!
    Thanks for the shout out :0

  8. I love watching the progress of your room. Looking great!

    Thinking Out Loud

  9. I love it! I can't wait to get into my room to start organizing and decorating, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet :) Looks like we have the same color theme though!

    fourth grade fanatics

  10. I love reading all of your comments. I couldn't do any of this if my kids didn't cooperate with me. It's amazing what bribing them with McDonalds can do. HA!

  11. I love your ideas, especially the magnetic word wall! I plan to get to my classroom this week. It's time to put all these great ideas to work in my classroom. Thank you!

  12. Are your walls tiled or just regular paint? I am interested in the hot glue idea. How does it come off the walls? I love your plate idea!!!

  13. Michele....my walls are painted block walls....I use a low temp glue stick and only a teeny tiny amount and it comes off just fine without damaging the wall. I've done it for years. Just don't put a lot....

  14. Your room is looking great - I'm in my room now and .... got distracted by blog stalking!!
    I love owls, too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. It is really looking nice! I like the tip about putting masking tape on posters before gluing. Thanks for sharing!!!

    One Class, One Sound

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