Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Classroom Management

Classroom Management: It's All About You Week 1

This time of year it begins to get a bit more challenging keeping the students under control. I'm always in search of new ideas and ways to keep my students engaged and myself sane. There are days that I feel like I just want to stand there and go to my "Happy Place".  Anyone else had that moment? Although I feel like my classroom management is pretty good, I'm not perfect.  I'm cetainly not known as the "mean" teacher on my hall, but there are times I feel like I should be doing something different or they wouldn't be acting like zoo animals. Of course that term could apply to the teachers too! HA!

Reading A-Z offers many articles on Classroom Management that I'd like to share. They are great! I love Reading A-Z! I won't post them all in one day though.  I'll try to span it out. :)

FOCUS on Classroom Management: Week 1 - Focus Attention on You!
All too often, the most common mistake many teachers make is starting a lesson without all of the students' attention. Eager to get into teaching, a teacher might begin the lesson while some students are visiting with their neighbor, searching through their desks, or even walking around the classroom!


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