Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4 Corners Review Game

Who's Up For 4 Corners?

Review, review, review.....that's the name of the game right now isn't it? I am constantly trying to figure out fun and interesting way to review.  Who remembers the game "4 Corners"?  Well, I decided to review our government standards through a variation of that game....My class decided to call it "3 Corners/3 Branches". 

I love that!  So, I took 3 sheets of paper and wrote a different branch of government on each and taped each one in a different corner of the room.

    Legislative, Judicial, & Executive 

I grabbed any book and resource I could find for my questions....(this was an on the spot game). I would read a scenario or a characterstic of one of the branches and the kids would have to go to the corner they thought would match. No talking was allowed.  I then would give the answer.  Of course they would either get excited or say "Ahhhh...I knew that one was it."...It was really funny. With each question we would do a short explanation as to why they chose that corner or why they chose the wrong corner. It was great critical thinking! Unlike the traditional game, no one is out if they get it wrong. I figured if they went back to their seats they wouldn't pay attention...so they had to participate the whole time.  Everyday since we played this they've wanted to play again.

It started them thinking about other ways we could play "4 Corners".  Here are some ideas we came up with.
  • 4 ways to write a number
  • Parts of speech
  • Types of rocks
  • Math Key words for problem solving
  • Biography Study....if you are studying multiple biographies during the year
  • Rounding Numbers ..... making each corner a rounded number and calling out different standard numbers and having kids go to the corner it would round to.
  • Types of sentences
  • Sources of Heat
The list goes on and on....I'm sure you can think of some creative ways to play this game to review in your classroom. I'd love to hear your ideas.


  1. love this idea!


  2. Great way to make learning fun! I just found you on Pinterest! I'm a new follower and from Canton GA! I grew up in Marietta! Glad to find you : )


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