Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thoughts About Centers

I see all kinds of great ideas and products created for centers to use in the classroom.  I've used centers before but just can figure out how to manage the kids doing the centers at the same time I am teaching a guided reading group.  I have to admit that center management is not my strength.  I find myself babysitting and making sure the kids using centers are actively engaged and not just "faking it".  However, I still can't get away from wanting to do them and want to figure out a way to use them without it making me lose my mind. 

I've also changed grade levels quite a bit which means with each new grade level comes new centers.  When do I have the time to make new ones....even the ones already created?  Three kids, activities after school, dinner..... where's the time?  I plan to try to stay in one grade so I can focus, create, and invest in making this work.  I love seeing the kids learn standards in a hands-on environment...yet I find myself getting sucked into the testing prep madness..... I've got to get back to my roots!


  1. I completely relate to your last statement. I too get caught up in test prep, but I want to get back to what I believe about good teaching.


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