Saturday, January 21, 2012


My students are learning to add and subtract like fractions this quarter. It drives me nuts that there isn't a lot of problem solvers for them to practice this standard.  Every time I looked for some it would be a couple on a page with other types of problems. That's not enough and I really didn't feel like copying 6 different pages, cutting out what I wanted, taping them on one page and so on and so on.  Is it that hard to create an entire page of word problems? So, I created my own. I wanted my students to understand what they were doing.  I thought they did until I gave them these problems to "model" their fractions with. THAT WAS AN EYE OPENER! They could do the math but couldn't really explain why the denominators stay the same or what it actually means to add 3/4 + 1/4.  They definitely had a hard time explaining it in words.  Sooooo, after lots of modeling and using the problems I made, it was exciting to see "their light bulbs" going on. They loved it and wanted more.  To make it fun I put their names in each of the problems. That was a hit.  Check it out on TpT. Click on the picture to go there.  Happy Fractions!


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