Friday, April 04, 2014

Buiding Unit Fractions

Do you know what I love about Spring Break? It's having the time to get caught up on making some great products! I don't usually just like to blog about products but I am so excited about the latest ones I've created and want to share.  I've found it very difficult to find what I need to teach my students what a unit fractions means. Oh...there are things here and there on lots of different pages. It drives me crazy that I can't just have an entire page of the same skill. So, here you go....I wanted to give you a sneak peek at this little product with a free sample just for being one of my fans. Enjoy! Make sure to take a peek at some of my other fraction products I've recently uploaded. I'm on a roll this week. :)

I've been searching for some fun interactive games online to support unit fractions and here is one of my favorites. I love how it incorporates a fraction number line to prove it!
Math Is Fun Unit Fractions
Like I said, I'm on a roll. Here are some fraction topics I have in my store.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Cleaning Sale

I know...I know...I haven't blogged in forever!!! No excuse really except that I needed a mental break from having too many things on my plate. No other teacher in the world has felt like that right? Let's not kid ourselves. :)

Let's get down to what I want to share. I am back into my creative  mode. That's my favorite part of Spring....feeling like new things are about to happen. Since we are talking about Spring, Let's clean out our TpT Wish Lists. Many of us are giving up to 20% off through the end of March to help you out. So, let's get cleaning!!! :) My favorite blogger buddies are all on board. Check them out at Georgia Grown Kiddos. Thanks to Georgia Grown Kiddos for hosting this awesome idea!

I just finished up my newest product to supplement teaching Area. I'm giving a freebie to get you started and am also including the link to the full version as well. I hope you check it out.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho...It's Cyber Monday On TpT!

It's that time of the year again. It's TpT's Cyber Monday Sale! I for one have already put many products in my cart, and I'm just waiting to hit "Purchase".  I will be marking my entire store off by 20% and with the Promo Code: CYBER you get an additional percentage off giving you 28% off of your purchase. Just don't be like me and forget the code!

Don't think about what you need for just this month. Think ahead. I'm already planning out as far as March! Crazy huh! I've been creating a few Holiday Themed products lately. Here are just a couple of my latest ones if you love seasonal products. Enjoy your holiday shopping and the huge savings too!
One more Winter Themed for all of my problem solving fans!
Happy Cyber Shopping!

Monday, October 07, 2013

App "Stravaganza" With One iPad

I have been very fortunate to have at least one iPad in my classroom this year. I was like a kid at Christmas downloading all kinds of apps and then it hit me. How in the world do I use just ONE iPad effectively? I mean, I have 21 students...Actually I teach 3 rotations of 21 students so really I have 63 students. I was all excited and then the frustration hit me like a ton of bricks. Most of the iPad apps I found were great but were really for just one student because it tracked progress. How would that be useful when I have 63? Also, many apps that were free were just teaser apps. They best part about the apps were in the "In-App" purchases.

To help with the idea of the app only tracking one student, I've taught my students how to reset the apps. I had to make up  my mind that I wasn't going to use them for that but more for math groups and independent workstations. However I have started and "App Of The Week" on my board and students write down these apps in their agendas to download with parent permission. I've gotten great feedback from both students and parents about that. It's also a great way to show parents how I am utilizing the iPad my school's Foundation purchased.

I've been suckered into many app purchases and ended up disappointed. Yes...I am one of those that leaves comments about such. Buyer beware....The reality is that we won't like everything we buy or download. We have to do our homework.  Soooo to help you with your homework I am going to share with you the apps I am using currently that I LOVE! No.....not all of them are free. I would love to say the best things in life are free, but when it comes to apps that is not always the case. I am doing an App training at my school this week so I thought I'd just share what I created for them with you.

I've listed the apps (with pictures...I am a visual learner) as well as how I use them on a daily basis. I've also included other ideas for their use.

I am by no means an expert in the one iPad classroom, but I am learning. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. However, that is what drives me to want to find out and explore more....

Click on this link to grab your free copy of my App "Stravaganza" Math Apps.... Well, I did include some ways to incorporate ELA too.  Remember, I am only teaching math this year. :)

Fall Primary Freebie

Okay, so after I created the Fall Problem Solving freebie the other day I felt like I was "leaf"ing (ha!)  all of my Primary folks out. So, I went out on a limb and created one for Primary. I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out. :)

Again, this is a free product, only 2 of the pages are for the kiddos. They simply cut and paste to match the models and a number sentence (equation) to the word problem. Now...I teach 3rd grade so I am hoping I didn't make it too difficult for the younger ones. Let me know what you think. Click on the picture to grab it. It's a forever freebie.

If you missed my freebie the other day, click here to go get it. :) Enjoy!
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